VaccinesImmunization Organizing Committee

Michael G. Hanna

Founder Vaccinogen, Inc., USA
Vaccinogen Inc., USA Discoverer - Developer, OncoVAX® Director, Frederick Cancer Research Center (1975-1983)

Biography: Michael G. Hanna is the founder of Vaccinogen and the discoverer and d ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccinogen Inc., USA Discoverer - Developer, OncoVAX® D ReadMore...

Allan Cripps

Executive head of the Health Faculty
Griffith University

Biography: Professor Allan Cripps is recognised internationally for his research ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mucosal immunology

De-chu Christopher Tang

Chief Technical Officer at Vaxin Inc.
University of Alabama

Biography: Dr. De-chu Christopher Tang is the Founder of VaxDome LLC and Vaxin In ReadMore...

Research Interest: His special interests include treatment of the common cold, ReadMore...

Kenneth Beagley

Deputy director and the leader of the Infectious Disease Research Program at Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI)
Queensland University of Technology

Biography: Development of vaccines to prevent chlamydial infections Traditiona ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mucosal Immunology

Tarl Prow

Deputy Director
Dermatology Research Centre, University of Queensland
Queensland, Australia

Biography: Dr. Tarl Prow is the Deputy Director of the Dermatology Research Centr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Xiaomi Tong

Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer
Protein Sciences Corporation
Meriden USA

Biography: Xiaomi Tong, Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer, Protein Sciences Co ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Roy Hall

professor of virology
The University of Queensland

Biography: I am Professor of Virology at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Bi ReadMore...

Research Interest: A major research interest in my lab has been the study of th ReadMore...

Yuzhang Wu

National Engineering Lab for Vaccine Development

National Engineering Lab for Vaccine Development, China

Biography: Wu Yuzhang, born in 1963, Shandong Qingzhou, Immunology PhD, Professor ReadMore...

Research Interest: Vaccines

Mohammed Alsharifi

Director,Chief Scientific Officer, Gamma Vaccines Australia
Vaccine Research Laboratroy

Biography: Dr Alsharifi grew up in Babylon/Iraq and studied Veterinary Medicine a ReadMore...

Research Interest: I. Cross-Protective influenza vaccine. Protection against ReadMore...